You all know the name and the voice of Laura but who is Kim?

I started full time with Rock Harbour last year. Knowing the bond and great working relationship that Tim and Laura have it was great to go in to the team with a fresh new outlook and ideas.   Most days Tim was welcoming to this and very excited to use the talents that I have to benefit the group.

Look at us now!  Tim’s on Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter!  Did you ever think that would happen?

Let me tell you a little about myself so you can get to know me.  I moved to Canada from the USA when I married my husband in 2001, 9 days before the tragic September 11 2001.  I was working in Michigan at the time and quickly had to find employment here in Canada as there were long delays at the border daily.  Got lots of temp jobs and finally started working for a LASIK company in Windsor.  I was in the financial industry before I moved to Canada and after 5 years, I decided I wanted to go back to it.  I got a job at Freedom 55 Financial working at reception and did all the different types of jobs in the office.  Tim got to know me through the years… my personality, my work ethic and when Laura had to go on sick leave for a few months, I was paired with Tim to help.  The rest is history and I am happy to be with the Rock Harbour Group!

So you know that I am married and have been for 15 years!  I also have a nine year old son that helps to keep my non-work time busy with lots of hockey, skateboarding and baseball.  I am a great fan of movies and music as well as getting together with friends and tasting lots of great local wine!  My husband is a chef so we love to go out to the wonderful restaurants here in Windsor and Essex county.

So, that is me in a nutshell!  Now you know a little background to the new voice or face you see with the Rock Harbour team!  I look forward to growing old with you and learning more about you.