162 Days.  67 pounds in total lost since January 2017. It has taken me 9 months to accomplish my ultimate goal!

Kim, October 2017

I am proud to report no more medications for me! All of the diseases that I had that were associated with me being obese are all at NORMAL levels!

For me, it has never been a “getting skinny” thing.  My ultimate goal was to be off all my medications that have caused my body to be morbidly obese.

I still have a little more weight to lose and many more lessons to learn but I am confident that I will accomplish any goals that I have set for myself.   I continue to walk and I am now taking group exercise classes two days a week to get toned and stronger.

What I have learned in the last 162 days about myself is:

  1. Be patient. Things may not move as quickly as you would like.
  2. You will fail. You are human and it’s in our nature to fail, but what is important is to learn when you do and try to do something different the next time.
  3. I have so many supportive people in my life, without those people I would have had a much harder time in succeeding.

So thanks to all of you that have supported me!  It has made all the difference in my journey.

Yours in good health,