Maybe it’s my personal experience, maybe it’s the stories that I have heard from others; the one thing I know is that life changes in the face of a life changing moment. Imagine hearing the words that everyone dreads – “you have cancer”. Believe me when I say that I have played this scenario in my mind hundreds of times and I couldn’t imagine not being prepared.

As much as you think that it can’t happen to you – it happens, and it happens on a random basis. Cancer can strike at any age, whether you’re healthy or not, and without prejudice of family history. The only certainly is that life will be turned upside down in that moment. Not only are you now faced with the fight of your life, but you still need to maintain your family and financial obligations.

We have a good – but not great – medical system that is filled with dedicated but overburdened people. The lines for diagnosis and treatment can be long, and you have to advocate for yourself all throughout this battle with the hope of coming through the other side, back to your normal life.

There is a tool that can act as your own “medical emergency fund” which can help you through this journey. It’s called Critical Illness Insurance, and it’s there for many life threatening illnesses – not just cancer.

Please don’t feel that this is a commercial for me, but rather a tool to help educate you so that you can reach out to someone you trust that can provide you with peace of mind, give you the safety net, life boat and life line that you may need during this critical life changing moment.

Please take a few minutes to watch this short video about critical illness.

Take care,