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We help bring clarity and certainty to your retirement, so that we are able to do the things that you love. Whether that’s traveling, helping your family or leaving behind a legacy, we protect and support you.


Our clients are couples or individuals who are preparing for retirement or already retired. They have good financial habits that have allowed them to acquire healthy assets and limit their debt.


We work with clients to help them understand their retirement income, or their projected retirement income.  To do this we integrate all sources of income and your portfolio, Investments, workplace pensions or savings, and government sources of income such as CPP and OAS.  When you engage with us you can be assured you’ll receive a wholistic financial plan that answers the questions: Will I have enough to retire? and What legacy will I leave for my beneficiaries or community?  Our detailed four step process is outlined below.

Step 1

The Lifestyle Navigation Approach

In this first step we discover what is the most important to you and what you want from your retirement. We ensure there is alignment between your financial situation and your vision and dreams of the future. Using our tool, The Priority Planner, we identify non-controllable events, controllable priorities and look for growth opportunities. This step reveals where we will put our emphasis and efforts, so we can create a plan that suits your retirement needs.

Step 2

The Reliable Outcome Guide

In the second step, The Reliable Outcome Guide, we analyze your situation to create a plan that suits your retirement needs. We look into specific risks that could prevent you from having the retirement you want. We provide you with an Income Planning process, combined with debt-reduction strategies and spending choices. Our process ensures that you are aware of crucial actions to take, examine how much you need to retire and review when you are able to retire.

Step 3

The Safe Harbour Solution

The third step, The Safe Harbour Solution, provides an implementation plan with a timeline and next steps to make it easy for you. We review the steps you’ve taken, the assets you need and the spending choices you’re making in order to ensure you have enough for the retirement you want – when you want it. Together, we decide how frequently you would need to meet to review your retirement plan to ensure you’re on track with your retirement goals.

Step 4

The Beacon Review Process

In the final step, The Beacon Review Process, we compare your original situation with where you are now so you can see the progress that’s been made. We identify any adjustments in behaviours or actions to keep you on track. The Account Summaries and Portfolio Insights capture your financial situation in a snapshot so you are always aware of the necessary next steps and stay aligned with your retirement dreams.

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