I volunteer a lot during my off hours. I am very involved at my church, I usher at the Capital Theater, and I’m a Hospice volunteer. I also help out when I can for individual events – like the Princess Ball for Cystic Fibrosis, for example.

People ask me why I do so much, why don’t I slow down and relax. My answer is this – I do relax, way too much! When I’m home, I relax by turning on the TV and watching it all day and/or all night. I very rarely do housework, I hate cleaning. I used to read a lot, but now that I have a DVR, there are way too many shows that I record, so I don’t have the time to read. So, to avoid cleaning, and to get myself off of my chaise for some activity, I volunteer.

Ushering at the Capital is a way to see shows and entertainment for free. I love theater – I get that from my mother. As for the Hospice, I always knew I wanted to become a volunteer, but I wasn’t ready for anything too involved. When I heard about the OLG Booth at the Casino that is run by Hospice volunteers, and that all proceeds go to the Hospice, I thought that was perfect. I work a 3 to 4 hour shift every other week, and help out wherever else I can. I really enjoy meeting the people – well, most of them anyways.

And I feel good when I’ve helped out in some way where there is a need. I volunteer for selfish reasons, but the benefits are more than I expected, and I am truly blessed. I know that when I retire, I will definitely be looking into ways that I can help my community – and help myself at the same time.

So my house is dirty – who cares? I live alone, and my friends and family know me, so they don’t come by unexpected unless they’re prepared. And it’s not that I live in a pigsty – it’s just dusty, and some dirty dishes are in the sink. Life is too short to worry about that. I clean when I need too – usually once every 3 months. That works for me!