How are we already into November? I can’t even think of the number of days until Christmas, but I have to report that the kids already have their bedrooms finished with lights and Christmas decorations. We have to be ready for the holiday season, and the next break that is coming soon for me is U.S. Thanksgiving. Yes – U.S. Thanksgiving!!

The biggest reason is purely in support of the Windsor Goodfellows Club. On Thursday, Nov 23rd to Saturday, Nov 25th, they have their annual Old Newsboy paper drive. They will have 30 teams, with over 600 volunteers in the area selling newspapers for any and all donations. My team is #11, and we will again be in LaSalle at the corner of International and Front Rd, in front of the Tim Horton’s and the Petro Canada. 43% of the annual income for Goodfellows comes from these paper sales!

Things to know about Goodfellows:

  • They have year-round food for those in need
  • They provide certificates for fresh meat and dairy at Christmas along with a food box
  • They provide 16,400 boxes of food to the needy yearly
  • Each box provides 3-4 days worth of meals
  • They feed approximately 66,600 people
  • Certificates cost $180,800
  • Food costs over $450,000
  • They have a breakfast nutrition program with 9 schools – cost over $35,000
  • They provide 1,600 children breakfast daily. This program is co-sponsored by Families First
  • They provide 1,600 new pairs of shoes and boots to children (JK through grade 8)
  • Footwear program costs between $82,000 to $85,000 per year
  • They receive 120,000 Goodfellows edition of the newspaper donated by the Windsor Star

Hope to see some of you on November 23rd when we start the paper drive

Warm regards,