Have you noticed how windy it’s been this summer? With the change in temperature and it being either very wet or being very dry, it sure makes you wonder if the weather has changed. I should first tell you that I have been a weather freak since I was a kid. I always dreamed about being a weatherman and always felt like somehow I could always sense the changes in the weather. I’ve been called “Doppler Tim” on occasion.

It may have started as a young 6 year old who saw lightning hit a tree in our front yard which gave me the fear and curiosity of the weather. It could also have been as a young student who tried to predict if we would have enough snow to shut the school down. Back then, we walked to school and went to school even if the buses in the county weren’t running. Nowadays, we get 2 inches of snow and kids all feel that this becomes a holiday. The winds of change!

The biggest change that I see is everyone spends so much time watching and listening to weather that it overtakes some peoples’ lives. An example is when you hear “I can’t do that because it might rain/snow” or “it’s too hot/cold” or “don’t go outside because it’s too windy.”

Here is my take on the weather and on life – listen carefully!

Always be prepared for multiple outcomes in the prediction of the weather. Have foul weather gear, extra shoes and boots, a jacket, sweater, hat, sunscreen, etc.

And in life, always have a plan A, B and C – and be ready for the winds of change that can happen in all of our lives. Two rules of life – one is that “life is too short and we should never put off things that we want and dream to do”, and the other is “never take your relationships for granted”. Relationships are like plants – they need water, sun and TLC to maintain. We need to remember that life is a gift, and our tomorrows are not guaranteed.

Believe me, I have seen some personal winds of change with the passing of my Uncle Frank who had a 10-year journey with Alzheimer’s, and the sudden passing of my father-in-law Tom, whom we lost suddenly on January 3rd.

Remember, the present is a gift and life is too short. Peace and love to all!

The winds of change