WOW! My first blog and “kick at the can” of spreading my thoughts to the world.

Being an entrepreneur in the wealth management world is definitely what I am most proud and passionate about doing in the great Windsor-Essex community (YQG). I have learned at an early age that working hard and doing things right the first time is essential to long term success.

The industry has changed so much since I started back in 1989. I have learned, and appreciate that change is not only a good thing, but it also provides opportunity to help clients along with personal growth.

It’s always been an interesting question when people ask what I do. Most would say either “financial planner” or “investment salesperson” or a variation of a “financial advisor”. In reality, most of my time with clients is spent discussing the changes in their lives, reviewing wealth, retirement and estate planning. When having these conversations, it is important to note that the biggest value I bring is perspective. Most people want the bottom line of how their money has performed. I follow a consistent review process that allows me to build short, medium and long term plans that encompass the entire plan for life. My coaching allows me to give the perspective of where they are now, but also tell them how most people think at different life stages, and how consistent planning helps ready them for the different stages of their lives.

On the personal side of my vocation, this opportunity as a business owner allows me to give back to my clients and to the community. The investment of my time and resources allows me to see many speakers. Many are technical by nature that gives professional insights that I share for my business planning. But the speakers that may be famous or amazing provide many life changing messages that translate great value that I bring back to all that I touch.

My passion for travelling both personally and for business has helped open my eyes to many different thoughts and ideas. The volunteer opportunities have been great, and allow me and my family to give back to the community. Having been involved with so many charities has given me many insights that I share with family, friends and clients.

One of the greatest opportunities is helping people plan for the passing of assets to the next generation, and how we assist in keeping the family together and not blowing up during a time of high emotions when losing a loved one. It is so important to have a deep and meaningful relationship with the people that trust in what I do.

I would summarize with a unique ability statement that has been created to share with my clients:

My unique ability is identifying goals and challenges, creating solutions and providing positive leadership which creates a path for people to achieve their ideal future.

Warm regards,